In today’s media landscape, it’s more important than ever to get in front of the right consumers to recruit into your audience and customer base.  We represent entrepreneurs, coaches, content creators, and experts of all kinds in a wide variety of interest areas in publicity, primarily booking appearances on media and at industry events.  Don’t work twice as hard to grow a customer base bit-by-painstaking-bit on your own website when you can easily collaborate with other creatives to tap into their audiences!

Blog Interview or Publishing Feature

A vast online presence is integral to consistently growing a strong audience.  Let us connect you with a blogger who can make you shine and provide links back to your content!  Even if you own your own website, guest writing and publishing a feature on another website with a greater or more dynamic customer base can have explosive effects for your growth.

Podcast Interview or Guest Host

Podcasting is a rapidly growing industry with millions of listeners tuning into their favorite and new shows on the daily.  One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in your field is to showcase it interview-style!  Let us book you to talk about the things you love most about your career, hobbies, or passions.

Digital Magazine Interview or Publishing Feature

Digital magazines are still going strong with loyal audiences who continue to enjoy digesting bite-size bits of news and media in a fun-to-read format.  We all love reading updates on the lives of our favorite celebs and Daydreamer PR can set you up for a similar interview and feature!

Online Video Channel Interview

When is the last time you watched a YouTube video?  Last week?  Yesterday?  Ten minutes ago?  Yeah… us too.  YouTube is projected to host 1.86 BILLION viewers in 2021, and you’d be remiss not to schedule an interview with a host/channel that can boost your online presence tenfold.

Local Market News Appearance

We are well-connected with Colorado news networks, and have the industry knowledge to book you on local networks in your own area, too.  Inquire about the process and make your grandma proud!

Magazine Interview / Feature

Want to walk into your favorite bookstore, open a magazine, and see your face and feature within?  We’ve got your back!  (and probably your magazine, too)

National Television Appearance

Dreaming of prime air time?  Use our industry contacts to go all the way to the top.  Be ready, though – once you go national, you’ll never go back!

Public Speaking Booking

Have a knack for teaching audience face-to-face?  Let us book you for events far and wide.  Just send us your favorite talks to give and we’ll take care of the pitch and booking.

Event Hosting Appearance

Need help booking events at which to showcase your talents?  We help DJs, meditation instructors, fitness coaches, and even podcast hosts practice what they do best with the people who are most delighted to book them.

Publishing / Literary Deals

Sitting on a book idea that could make you all the dollar signs?  No longer!  Write that baby and let us secure that literary deal that writers dream of.  You’ve got the content – we’ve got the guts!